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#4 by cquity136205 14.09.2012 - 10:17
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If you DOTA series of games, the following the content of the article for you may be a bit strange .But if you are from the 6.10 version of the way to play a senior game coming up ,then you will be interested in the content of the following .
As everyone knows ,DOTA is a from Blizzard Warcraft 3 grew out of the team to a type of RPG game, made by Icefrog ,by the introduction of quickly swept the world, currently in China ,Southeast Asia and Europe have widespread popularity .
It is seen in DOTA this game with amazing popularity and popularity ,many game manufacturers itch for a try ,have initiated the development of a series of their own &ldquo ;DOTA&rdquo ;series of games, such as Riot before Games launched the &ldquo ;League of Legends& rdquo ;and here we have to introduce Valve company with IceFrog development of the DOTA series game sequel to &mdash ;&mdash ;DOTA2 .
I think I can be very clear that ,like DOTA this time derivative games will have a brighter future !So in order to avoid confusion ,I will mainly introduce Valve company developed the DOTA2 series of games, the following content mainly from the company on the Valve senior director Erik Johnson interview with mr.
.&ldquo ;when people talk about the DotA, they are more references to the &ldquo ;Dota&rdquo ;this word ,louboutin,while our work is &lsquo ;DOTA&rsquo ;these four letters into a brand .&rdquo ;1 ,air jordan pas cher,to determine the outgoing heroes present in DOTA2 identified in the several heroes are as follows: the axe from the game style ,the DOTA integration of the Diablo in hero ,equipment and other elements, coupled with real-time strategy games operation and visual angle, and has a similar to the &ldquo ;&rdquo such competitive team tug of war ;mixed game .
In the early stages of the game ,in game player are assigned to different camps, each camp ultimate aim is to destroy their base at all costs .But in the process ,you can only control a hero unit ,it has a relatively high attack power and some special skills ,course in different heroes skills and growth properties also each are not identical ,which means that in the game you can choose different heroes, or damage the &ldquo ;meat &rdquo shield ;,or is responsible for the late damage output &ldquo ;DPS&rdquo ;,or for a team to provide support and protection for &ldquo ;Ganker&rdquo ;.
To make a long story short ,clear the hero orientation and excellent teamwork is the key to win .In the course of the game, you must also be aware of those wild animals .Those around you around the base of the neutral biology will automatically refresh ,and the cycle is fixed .
If in the game to make full use of these techniques for optimal Farm ,so even if the current form of the game to his own disadvantage ,you can turn back the powers of darkness ,the final push on the other side of highland to achieve the final victory .
At the same time in the game you must also get more as far as possible the money ,experience and level up ,it will make you better equipped ,more powerful heroes skills and better three-dimensional growth .
So ,I mean ,DOTA is a system of perfect games ,and so on .Inside there are many, here I do not list each .In 2 ,DOTA2 :follow the basic rules of DOTA improved gameplay in the sequel, Valve hired &ldquo ;father of Dota &rdquo ;DOTA2 Icefrog as chief designer .
&ldquo ;no doubt ,IceFrog experience in this nobody can compete ,hired him as our chief designer is a wise decision .&rdquo ;Valve game product development director Johnson said .&ldquo ;I contact by e-mail IceFrog ,and invited him to come here ,in development, his understanding of DOTA gave us a lot of inspiration ,he knows how to put this as a sequel to the DOTA2 design better .
&rdquo ;in Valve it seems ,our goal is to make DOTA2 can not rigidly adhere to the restrictions and fetters before .&ldquo ;this is our development of the game ,&rdquo ;Johnson ,&ldquo ;we have to do is to follow the basic rules of DOTA basis, maximum improve the playability of the game ,as the game player to provide a brand-new game experience !In the core game rules, IceFrog has been doing a great job ,actually experienced multiple versions of the change, DOTA series of games already very perfect .
Therefore in the sequel to the game to make snap change would be pointless ,abercrombie france,so in this respect ,we are going to inherit the DOTA series game outstanding pedigree .&rdquo ;so ,what does this mean? This means that in DOTA2, each wave force refresh number will remain unchanged ,equipment and props will before and similar ,and in the new game still has the upper / middle / bottom three road map pattern ,and many in the early version appeared in the hero will be in DOTA2 appear .
&ldquo ;in DOTA2 game player who can see many such as tide ,axe and other familiar faces .Of course, in addition to the old hero retained outside ,we will also be adding many new heroes and equipment ,like the IceFrog in DOTA has been doing .
DOTA is already in the world with over 20000000 game player ,and many veteran game player to it has invested considerable effort and hard work ,so in the sequel, we will maintain the maximum before the original flavor ,do not let these efforts in vain before game player .
We hope they can be obtained in DOTA2 and before the same pleasure and stimulation ,but not many novice and stand on the same starting line, again .So we will not overturn thoroughly before the game style .
&rdquo ; ,DOTA2 still recommend 5V5 team against &ldquo ;in DOTA2,louboutin pas cher, we recommend that each map of the game player for 5v5 ,although the way through the 3v3 can also have certain experience of the game ,but when many amusement and map is not divided ,but in the DOTA2 map system, most of the maps are based on 5v5 design .
&rdquo ;in DOTA2, the Valve development team will mainly focus on store system ,visual effects and help system ,and on the operation of the game and not too big change .In 4 ,DOTA2 will provide a complete introductory guide system worth mentioning is DOTA2 for those new game player provides a complete introductory guide system ,which includes detailed statistics tools ( you can keep that every game player real-time game data ) ,video playback system ( you can playback of self and others the video game ) ,game matching system ( let you can with similar levels of game player game ) and AC system ( for the game player for providing communication between convenience ,may include a voice and even video ) .
Note: the game player can be understood as produced by the Valve Warcraft 3 video system with StarCraft 2 battle.net system do not know Blizzard StarCraft 2 DOTA and Valve will DOTA2 collision in addition ,Valve also plans to join in the game the coach system ,this system can help the newcomer in the old game player under the guidance of rapid growth .
&ldquo ;we want to join in the game the coach system ,is to let those who have rich experience in the old and new game player game player can form a mentoring relationship ,polo ralph lauren,through their guidance and help ,can make the new game player gets rising quickly ,but as a coach of the old game player can to a certain extent to obtain a reward .
We have for the system design of the detailed architecture ,of course, to make the system have the best effect ,we also need the new game player .For example ,the new game player in the game said without preamble :&ldquo ;hey ,give me a coach ,&rdquo ;the system will then make a list of coaches list as well as their game data ,so the game player can choose according to their own needs like coach .
Of course ,Valve aware of introducing coach system in the game caused some balancing issues ,such as in the game, the coach of the game player obviously has certain advantages .&ldquo ;we do not want to coach system added to the DOTA2 cause any balance influence ,although in the game, the coach can watch game player during the game ,but we do not encourage every game player because of this advantage to hire a coach .
&rdquo ;5 ,air jordan,DOTA2 will open community and competition system for those who desire to participate in the athletics competition game player ,they can join the Valve game community ,where there were many experienced online games organizers .
We will provide DOTA2 competitions begin to provide more support ,of course, in the future we are also interested in organizing their own DOTA2 game .In short ,the Valve is committed to the establishment of a virtual game system ,in this system ,game player without the help of the coaching staff and special equipment ,can still have the site occupation player acquired by the real competitive experience .
&ldquo ;as to whether or not to join the single player campaign this problem ,we have not considered ,at least in DOTA2 does not appear .Of course we will for the first time to contact DOTA2 game player provides a wealth of introductory guide, so that they quickly familiar with the core concept of the game .
&rdquo ;6 ,DOTA2 for Valve is a new challenge from the above description can be seen ,the Valve working group work and creation of an infectious DOTA art style on .&ldquo ;these years of experience tells us ,the Dota game the DOTA community support ,so in DOTA2, we still need to build this can obtain community identity and art style .
In order to achieve this goal ,we collected a lot from community and general game player opinions and suggestions ,for their valuable feedback to help us do better .At the same time, DOTA2 will be Valve launched the first fantasy game ,this to us the young art teacher is also a challenge .
Just like DOTA2,louboutin pas cher, we attempt to create such an environment :here, the game is fleeting ,in 5 seconds, from 10 a game player up to 20 different action is enough to let you see things in a blur in front of the screen ,in addition you must fully mobilize their own brain ,the action analysis ,to make quick decisions ,abercrombie,attack or retreat ,was released on A or B skills skills ,their money or participating in the mission is and so on &hellip ;&hellip ;in such a short period of time so many uncertain elements is undoubtedly to the game player operation or reactions are put forward high request .
Incidentally ,louboutin,one bureau after the end of our online engineers are often sweating .&rdquo ;&ldquo ;every time we sit down ,burberry soldes,we will think, DOTA2 appearing in the hero should be what kind of ?Their appearance is it right? And they should have skills .
?The hero is the one who can output a lot of physical harm type ?Or spell damage ?Their iconic skills what will be in the game ,as well as their model and color should be how to design ?As well as the DOTA community game player will look at how this particular hero etc.
.( for those from the community loyal game player can often on the Games follow a perfect provide many valuable comments ,and they also every hero biography compiled many interesting stories ,so we must respect their opinions ) .
These details with a generation compared to DOTA are hitherto unknown .&rdquo ;7 ,DOTA2 will edit complete background story in addition ,the Valve working group also hope DOTA2 prepared a complete background story .
According to Johnson ,when the game player to a specific stage can trigger these stories and legends .&ldquo ;these stories to the role of dialogue form .Or the game for some heroes have some special connection ,so that through the heroic between real-time dialogue ,game player who can understand that a portion of the game background .
We are currently in the game with this function ,of course, how we need for the community game player views ,but from the current perspective ,everyone was very positive .&rdquo ; ,DOTA2 will refer to Counter-Strike Valve according to the production team they are making the DOTA2 process is to Counter-Strike as reference .
&ldquo ;initial contact Counter-Strike ,it gave me the impression that it is a difficult to close the game ,ralph lauren,but as the understanding of the further ,I found myself previously the impression of it is totally wrong .
And I found around Counter-Strike game player is far more than the other half life series of games, so I swim to the game to attract,burberry, and began to love this and my team-mates feel .Terror in the name of game character difference only lies in the character appearance and the armband ,the game player were simply shooting each other ,but I still feel this game are too high to be reached ,and want to adapt it to the rhythm ,we often need to be about one year of practice time .
But through different channels of data display ,Counter-Strike game was &lsquo &rsquo funnyeople first ;the new game ,can join at any time ,though they may be in violation of many veterans were recognized by the rules of the game .
&rdquo ;&ldquo ;I think that in this respect is very similar to DOTA and Counter-Strike ,in DOTA, perhaps the time people will feel it is a superior game ,but reality tells us ,at present in the world DOTA game player has more than 20000000 people ,it is how to do ?So we think that the game has become more simple ,more people ,in order to attract more beginners and deliberately reduce the game threshold is a very wrong decision ,because the design of this game is the original intention that those in different levels of the game player can according to their own game level to obtain different reward .
&rdquo ;9 ,DOTA2 price is expected by the end of 2011 unpublished listed unfortunately Valve has released DOTA2 pricing problem ,present on the game is free we can make nothing of it .




On 1996, Liu Chang of 16 years old to study in the United States ;in 2002, after getting an MBA returned ,in the Beijing broad exposure to business celebrities ,art .The right one :Fu fragrance ,born 1980 ,the daughter of Fu Guangming that the group .

#3 by yu9ghf3k 13.09.2012 - 18:50
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Zhenjiang News Network - News - Text
The default zoom】 ,abercrombie france

???? WASHINGTON, Oct. 24 (Xinhua Riverside) The White House said in a statement on the 24th,doudoune moncler, the U.S. President the night before Obama signed a proclamation declaring the United States Influenza A H1N1 influenza into the state of national emergency, in order to simplify the administrative procedures for the health sector response to the rapid spread of influenza A H1N1 influenza facilitate.
???? The statement said that the notice will allow medical care, medical assistance and other federal health insurance program in the Influenza A H1N1 flu cases surge in special circumstances relaxation,abercrombie, simplifying procedures, in time for the patients provide treatment.
???? Statement quoted Obama as saying the move aims to ensure that the U.S. health care facilities are able to quickly implement influenza A H1N1 influenza contingency plans. The statement also said the U.S. response to influenza A H1N1 influenza basic policy is to individuals,burberry, businesses and governments at all levels fully prepared to enhance the overall capacity to respond.
???? U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 23 that,louboutin, H1N1 flu spread rapidly in the United States flows,but was able to out. But
Another example I recently anger is always a great hit everyone like a dog want to bite.
another example, I firmly told him that he lured the storm of tea does not count the money uncle is mentally challenged.
students also say I told Tong Jian in total disregard of the students there who vigorously 3P uncle embarrassment.,abercrombie and fitch,for the first time for...ood after writing and log
Another example I recently anger is always a great hit everyone like a dog want to bite.
another example, I firmly told him that he lured the storm of tea does not count the money uncle is mentally challenged.
students also say I told Tong Jian in total disregard of the students there who vigorously 3P uncle embarrassment., since April this year,natural resources
Another example I recently anger is always a great hit everyone like a dog want to bite.
another example, I firmly told him that he lured the storm of tea does not count the money uncle is mentally challenged.
students also say I told Tong Jian in total disregard of the students there who vigorously 3P uncle embarrassment.,doudoune moncler, has caused more than 1,moncler,000 American deaths,louboutin pas cher, 20,000 people hospitalization, the number of infections is expected to exceed several million people. Influenza A H1N1 flu has spread to the flow of the 50 states in the U.S. 46, reaching the peak level of ordinary flu, but more than the regular influenza season earlier. The United States the most vulnerable young people and children,michael kors, influenza A H1N1 influenza virus infection, is expected to present the United States one in five children suffered different degrees of symptoms of influenza A H1N1 flu stream.
???? At the same time,michael kors outlet, H1N1 influenza vaccine production later than expected. As of October 21, the U.S. has produced 16.1 million influenza H1N1 flu vaccine,burberry soldes, but may not be realized during the year to produce 195 million vaccine target. U.S. health authorities said the ultimate confidence to produce enough vaccine.

#2 by uv7s4xwe 13.09.2012 - 17:02
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2008, Kun District Baotou city took the lead in the city launched a home-based care services work, 3 years, these home-based care services staff is full of love and care of elderly, community in the empty slot, sickly old people's daily life,ralph lauren pas cher, brings convenience to people, bring warm.
service staff helped us a lot! Lu Lane, Kun District Wulan district is a home-based care services personnel.Do home-based care services for 3 years head, home sick daughter husband, university life,air jordan pas cher, by guaranteeing a gold and she worked part-time income to sustain life.
At nine o'clock in the morning,jordan pas cher, Ulam community neighborhood committee office call rescue system started to ring, more than ten minutes later, Lu Lane came to the ring to call for Ulam community area 1 Ji Meilan old.
The old man is 78 years old this year, has been living on his own, this two day of low back and leg pain was old faults committed, downstairs is very inconvenient, wants Lu Lane to help make this year residents' basic medical insurance.
In the community, there are 60 empty slots, elderly, sick old man home to install the calling device. came to Ji Meilan's home,mercurial vapor, Lu Lane saw the old man home dirty, she began to sweep the floor,ralph lauren, see old people have dirty clothes, she took the initiative to give the old wash up, like his parents.
For three years the Lu Lane is also a regular for the elderly to buy food, medicine, and even help the elderly generation to make some costs, although the money on the matter,jordan pas cher, but the old people are very comfortable.
Old Ji Meilan is pleased to tell reporters: "service personnel helped me a lot, reduce the burden of the children, I press the call for no 10 minutes, I felt that is happy, very convenient." Queensland District in home-based care services nearby, convenience, economy principle, in the elderly is relatively concentrated, has built a star of the old age home community, relying on the" room two "housing built a batch with comprehensive service functions of the home care service station, and as executive the main body of home-based care services.
Each service station configured with the government to "buy" the 2--3 community home care service.The service station can provide the community elderly dining, laundry, medical,mercurial vapor pas cher, health, leisure,louboutin, entertainment, learning and other services.
old people are afraid of loneliness, their company makes me very satisfied! in addition to the call, for community elderly with temporary nursing service, Lu Lane was also responsible for the community of 4 people over the age of 80 daily care.
Just from the old Ji Meilan house,Inner Mongolia this ye...o cultivates an area to w
"Macroeconomic indicators show that China's economic and social development is in good shape," Wen said when addressing the opening ceremony of the Summer Davos Forum in northern China's port city of Tianjin yesterday., she went to 2 zone Zhao Fangxian home for the elderly help do housework.Zhao Fangxian this year 85 years old, the basic is a person in the home,Large ethnic and ballet Mongolia legend staged in
"Macroeconomic indicators show that China's economic and social development is in good shape," Wen said when addressing the opening ceremony of the Summer Davos Forum in northern China's port city of Tianjin yesterday., evening class to accompany his son.
The arrival of Lu Lane, made the old man very happy. according to Lu Lane,air jordan, these old people while the need for life to take care, but are more in need of spiritual comfort, she never came to the old man, will do housework edges and old people chat, Lao Lao dishes.
Today the old lunch to no one to do,jordan shoes,The last 445 mines and 35 coal mine accident unit.
"Macroeconomic indicators show that China's economic and social development is in good shape," Wen said when addressing the opening ceremony of the Summer Davos Forum in northern China's port city of Tianjin yesterday., Lu Lane begins to make food for the elderly.Zhao Fangxian's uncle said with emotion: "takes care of me very good, sometimes not cook, cook for me,polo ralph lauren, sometimes buy order,louboutin pas cher, home to pack, to clean up my room, old people afraid of lonely, she's also helped me to read a newspaper, and chat with me to talk about bit of commonplace things, her company made me very satisfied with.

#1 by 0b5w9j2gg 06.07.2012 - 05:24
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The school provides.
incident school. Haiqiang / the photo

Express reporter Li Yong Qi Haiqiang

schools allow students the practice of mobile phones can be understood, but if confiscated the phone whether it is appropriate? In Foshan Sanshui Chinese High School, some students and parents on such questions.
Sanshui Chinese High School students recently the form of microblogging private letter to the lawyer, challenged the school to strengthen the management and forcibly confiscated student cell phone practices, violated their individual rights. The reporter learned that the school's student regulations, there are indeed the
Sanshui Chinese High School students recently issued a microblogging for help advice, saying,doudoune moncler, people watching hot.
Subsequently, the Express reporter linked to the number of students, the Sanshui Overseas Chinese High School student Mary (a pseudonym),air jordan shoes, Adger (a pseudonym) said in an interview with reporters, the school does exist mandatory-enrollment phone problem. They told reporters in the school's Academic Affairs office, there is a safe, which stored more than a year the school confiscated cell phone. Mary and Adger said after the phone was confiscated,New Year How can the mood, if the student looking for parents to talk to the school to go back, under normal circumstances, all OK to go back. But there are some students have been confiscated for a long time also did not come back, the school's argument is that you must wait until the third year graduation in order to be returned.
Mary and Adger wondering: school there is no violation of the student's personal property? Many students believe that the class or sleep time to play with the phone is definitely wrong, it will affect their own influence others. But I hope the practice of the school can reasonably management methods can not be too simple and crude.
■ the Sanshui Chinese High School Vice-Chancellor Bin, (rebellion: a Mr. Bonus: $ 150)

The day before yesterday, Express reporter interviewed the moral education of the Sanshui Chinese High School Vice-Chancellor Bin.
forced to confiscate students' cell phone At the same time, she said,supra, the fact that many schools use this approach to control the students,
said Zhang Bin, this approach aroused the opposition of some students, but
■ Sanshui District Education Office Director Zhang Chu-day

indeed relatively large The reporter said that each school has different rules and regulations to manage students,franklin marshall, for students to use the phone's processing different modes.
for the Sanshui Chinese High School He acknowledged that
■ lawyer Zhao Shaohua

schools Zhao Shaohua,
lawyer,After Bay Chinese primary school, believes that schools can students bring cell phones into the campus disciplinary action under the circumstances, no right to sanction student property
within its terms of reference. However,Man holding a personal...security risk missing the, if the mandatory forfeiture of the students 'mobile phones or to enter the dormitory confiscated students' cell phones, power strip, battery and other things, alleged violations of the ownership of property of others.
restrictions on the use of mobile phones school full of tricks

reporter learned that prevent students from over-indulge phone, Foshan number of secondary schools came up with all kinds of tricks, but most prohibited to bring cell phones into the school-based, Nanhai District, there have been schools in order to avoid students phone into a school specifically for the security gate installed at the school gate to intercept phone while the Shunde north leliu also schools in order to prevent students in class, turn off the lights periods of rest and so on use of mobile phones, specialized signal jammers installed in the school.
It is reported that in mid-February this year, Sanshui secondary school to take dormitory corridor to install mobile phone signal jammers. Allegedly, the jammers start shielded within the phone can not make calls and send messages, can not be online,mercurial vapor, but you can dial After the implementation of the measure,moncler, student complaints,supra shoes, the microblogging network channels Later, the quarters of the mobile phone signal jammers hours 12:30 - 2:00 O'clock 30 minutes after 22:00,nike mercurial vapor, time to rest.
addition, Foshanyizhong also introduced last year, a more Moreover, the phone can only be used in schools designated time and designated areas before charging to fill out the application form, and a week can only be charged once, if it is found using a mobile phone, upload, download,jordan shoes, and dissemination of pornographic content,mercurial, but also be probation sanctions.
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