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The desolatedesert ,a pair of cotton long men ,toward the dead walk behind the hinterland of Gobi ,is the red sun ,burbery,as every grain of dust motes show dead secret rose .She stood in the wind Piaofei ,clothes ,ribbon lightly ,look that has gone home .
The tragic lute sound from her delicate hand firmly under the sound bursts in ,in the vast land .There ,like penetrating the Millennium ring .The word out ,he could not help this pretty ,scattered in the high desert expanse of the sky ,what ,abercrombie and fitch,sad confused and fall .
If a drop of pure water droplets is sneaking into the lake,burbery soldes, gently bring out wild goose beauty .Palace in the charming spring ,spring sunshine ,she is the most beautiful flower flowers -- retainer ting the Shisanyu ,nutmeg trees two month .
Each girl has a dream, such as her childlike ,spring light swing, cold food nearly ,beautiful dream of the Han Emperor spoiled to hold her hand overlooking downtown Changan City ,and she is the king of flowers ,thousand ,this city is the country ?.
Days expectations ,like manna is moist ,daily home flowers, moonlight night drunk ,waiting for the Palace but as across the landscape with Tiao delivery man .Not experienced in waiting time ,walk up and down the people will never understand saw the eastern horizon morning hope and thriller .
This day ,her string together a simple beautiful hair, wearing elegant silk dress ,her thin Shi ,Ling Bo micro shift ,thin silk stockings to dust ,painter before? .She believes that this is her ladder ,the opportunity is in that every twinkle and smile ,I review .
But she never imagined ,painter was to get money ,look at those homely sisters over everything he had to plug to Mao Yanshou in exchange for a next picture of the beautiful appearance ,she ,her ?.
No, she will not tolerate his lost all six palace powder of tilting the world looks like ,such as ,pure quality is the stained .She turned ,gold ,Buyao ,trembling ,that leave proud indifferent back like the lotus on the snow mountain ,a pure Che to remain aloof from the world of nature ,has a smooth and fair a thousand years of the beautiful city .
? palace spring like yesterday ,reluctantly bid farewell ,Nabi ,Emperor Han fine carefully watching a peerless beauty of grace .He ,from her before the painting step ,he ,missed ,just at that moment ,is also the life .
Because the painting which is her ah ,where is the nice-looking ,how beautiful her eyes ,her? The wind ,up ,doudoune moncler pas cher,blurred her eyes ,in her hands slender needles ,she ,abercormbie france,again also woven out of their beautiful .
Autumn coming ,leaves will linger ,fly fall ,her last tear zero ,tomorrow ,she will go up ,as is resolute choice -- and the old palace ,as well as to go to the desert ,come, go .
In the main hall of the temple ,he and she first saw ,also ,the last time .The leaves of the moment, she is from his profound pupil garden saw -- that passed the stunning ,and incessant sadness and rolling endless remorse .
Her heart ,silently split a seam ,outflow wet sticky blood ,jordan pas cher,but she bowed to smile ,for he will never be beauty .Anger destroyed his intellectual last line of defense ,such as the the Yellow River great embankment ,autophagic ossification grey despair .
Kill ,kill ,kill Mao Yanshou ,but everything has it doesn .She has become the equinox flower ,beautiful beautiful ,is the party in the water ,can not be picked up ,just a hazy mist ,such as figure .
Years autumn is cool .Blow on his glass heart - ??lost life .One last glimpse of her desire to hometown, decisively turned off .Han Palace story curtain call .If the day she met not Mao Yanshou ,if she was willing to bow and scrape eyebrows bribery artist, if the Han emperor to more sagacious point found wire a clue, if she did not encounter huhanye Chanyu ,however, there is no if , but only so much .
Fate quietly buried under cool poisonous seeds ,while laughing, for its germination results ,the original -- all already doomed .He was only her king ,mercurial pas cher,without reason is her husband .
Since then no palace in Wang Zhaojun ,she had been rustling autumn wind faded ,red fall into array ,is a flower, will die ,this is fate .But she was born ,in the vast desert beauty .
With her thin willow waist up Great Han Empire ,her life be forced to leave one to the decades of peace ,she used the life length measurement to power the materialistic obsession .? ???Even though she knows the desert ,no spring , where she should be for the willow trees ,meruciral vapor,spring breeze of Yumen Pass ,must look, is the lonely autumn ,autumn autumn bleak ,disappointed, but she also know: his puckering the brow is not to regret ,the man just for beautiful color the eyes hazy ,vent their possession ,rather than love ,like the thin man ,until his confidante of aging ,a beauty in her old age ,is not the same as fan see donate ,until past the bustling Nagato palace Sheng song ,longitudinal priceless phase such as Fu, a person to defend life ,at that time autumn really chill .
history ,gauge is and clumsy .However,abercormbie, she is so safely to the unknown Chinese dinner ,though the heart is a dark undercurrents ,face is unmoved either by gain or loss smile . The Lord Yiming ,supporting woman she had two thousand years ago, the blue sky most expect .
You know ,be passionately devoted deep how many mountains ,the autumn rain .She is smart ,so she is not Chen Ajiao ,class of Jieyu as harem woman .She did not complain, do not blame .
For thousands of years, people is to her endless misunderstanding ,even the generation of poet Du Fu is ; thousand years of Pipa as Hu language ,distinct from resentment . The wheel of history over thousand years mark ,many scholars and poets for her sympathy ,pity ,love ,respect students by .
But ,each for one word guests are always futile ,dance show off literary skill .She is worthy of love, I need no sympathy .The Hu to Qingzhong is her absolutely no regrets, her life ,regardless of the spring and autumn wind bleak ,or ,is the beautiful bloom .
Not ,is eternal life ,even if ,louboutin pas cher, a lute or ghost ,a yellow mask * * * * ,air jordan,she is still in her will activate and yellow autumn grass, writing her life story . Time is too thin ,the fingers are too wide , Millennium had just moments .
I haven come on stage, you have sung .Plug the autumn wind and the millennium ,mound grass green millennium .In those days ,luxurious house has Guiji dust ,but people always wrote that wood shake Gel Cream autumn ,the cold lonely backs away .
The south wind at this time ,Old Ying cheeper ,plum rain fertilizer .The desert is desolate who can - west wind ,Old Dan maple .On the evening of front ,Wrangler and Zhaojun frequency ,doudoune moncler,speechless ,earth hour .
Silent night, yellow sand in whispers ,reveal the secret ,but you I never know why Zhaojun mound grass green .The thickness of the time can not exceed ,and you and I will go to Changan .
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